Hampton University Pirates Alumni Playing Cards


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These Hampton University Pirates Alumni playing cards are the real deal!  Great for game night with family and friends! Standard size playing cards; include custom 52 cards and 2 jokers, that represent the Old school and New school graduating classes that make up our Hampton University family. Since Ogre PHI Ogre, Onyx, and Quintessence have multiple names, they get “Suits,” and the Hampton Institute classes get “Spades” out of respect. Thanks to my Old Head Stretch, we found out the “No Name Class” actually has a Name. The cards are Perfect for Spades, Poker, Black Jack, Pitty-Pat, Deuces, Crazy 8s, and more. Buy 2 packs, and you can play Pinochle. These are Custom cards made by Hamptonians for Hamptonians. Proceeds go directly to The National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc. -Philadelphia Chapter’s Scholarship Fund.

  • Easy to shuffle
  • 52 custom cards and 2 Jokers, with a Hampton twist.
  • Bicycle style playing cards
  • High-quality, Durable card stock.

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